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Love for their business and kind attitude to each other creates the right working atmosphere in the friendly Ramen Ten team. Now the Ramen Ten family consists of more than 50 people - it's a well-coordinated work in which each employee daily puts a part of his soul. That's why our ramen tastes so good and our guests like it.
Ramen Ten's stable team
The team
The title dish and menu were put together by a student of Japanese chef Kazuhiko Kijimo, who founded the first private production of ramen ingredients in Russia. There are a total of eight variations of the flagship dish on the menu, with beef, with shrimp, with chicken and pork. There are two kinds of ramen inside the menu: some are cooked in clear fragrant broth that takes four hours, and the other are more rich and tasty broth that stews for eight hours on low heat.
We cook appetizingly fried, just like in Japan, gyoza with shrimp, beef and pork, weighty rolls, poke, udon and appetizers. We look forward to seeing you at Ramen Ten!
Ten means "heaven" in Japanese, and the name Ramen Ten can be translated as "ramen paradise" or "ramen world".
The interiors of Ramen Ten establishments are comfortable spaces for guests with minimalist and comfortable furniture, works of modern artists on the walls, and unusual ceiling decorations, which will transport you to a little Asia with its originality.
Each Ramen Ten institution has great author graffiti by ZAKMINIMONSTER, as well as many interesting and stylish details that are definitely worth paying attention to.
We also love art
Ramen Ten interiors feature works by outstanding graffiti artists and contemporary artists from all over Russia. Information about the authors can be found by qr-codes on cards next to the works. The same concept of decorating the halls unites all 3 establishments. A distinctive sign are graffiti painted walls from the popular artist ZAKMINIMONSTER.
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